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2022 Ontario Election

Election Day Is JUNE 2, 2022

Ryan Mans, Ontario Manager and Daniel Zekveld, Policy Analyst discuss the kickoff of the Ontario election.

The 2022 Election Guide

Below you can find your 2022 Election Guide, a comparison of where each of the six major parties generally stands on seven current political issues of note. This guide is designed not only to help you cast an informed vote but also to help you engage with local candidates on these issues of focus.


All-Candidates Meetings are opportunities for local candidates and local voters to directly interact. Rather than simply hearing party leaders make promises, voters at all-candidates meetings can get to know the personal values and positions of their local candidates. Organizing all-candidates meetings are excellent opportunities for churches and Christians to focus discussion on key issues that matter to them, such as free speech, family law and conscience rights. We hope that this guide will help churches, ARPA chapters, and other Christian organizations host an all-candidates meeting of their own and positively shape the public discourse around election time.

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Ways to take Action!

Engage with your local Candidates!

Volunteer for a candidate near you!

Ask questions at a riding townhall meeting!

Use the infographics above to engage on one of the three key issues!