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Alberta Election

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May 1


Election Day

May 29

2023 Alberta Election

Election Day Is May 29, 2023

Be sure to get informed, be engaged, and vote! As always, ARPA Canada wants to help you get informed about the issues and equipped for action. We hope this Alberta Election Guide helps. The guide contains five sections on important policy issues. Each section includes a summary explanation of the issue, an update on any developments, a brief summary of ARPA’s calls to action, and questions you may choose to ask candidates.

The people who are elected will make decisions on issues we care about as Reformed Christians.


  • Gender Identity
  • Choice in Education
  • Freedom of Conscience
  • Parental Involvement with a Minor’s Abortion Decision
  • Monitoring and Reporting Assisted Suicide

So, let’s get started.

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Ways to take Action!

Engage with your local Candidates!

Volunteer for a candidate near you!

Ask questions at a riding townhall meeting!

Use the infographics above to engage on one of the three key issues!