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Presenting to Parliament on euthanasia for minors

This morning, Mike and Jennifer Schouten spoke to a Joint Committee of Parliament which is currently studying euthanasia.

As you may know, Mike and Jennifer experienced the loss of their teenage son Markus this past spring. They have been open in sharing their story of suffering while also witnessing their faith.

In a unique working of providence, Mike and Jennifer were the very last witnesses the committee heard, after hearing dozens of hours of testimony from all sides of the issue. It was also unique that they found themselves presenting with only one other witness. As a result, most of the questions from MPs and Senators were directed at Mike and Jennifer.

Thank you for your prayers
Mike and Jennifer wish to express their deep gratitude for the prayers that you have made on their behalf. Throughout their presentation, they felt uplifted by your intercessions for them. They were given the words to speak, and the strength to say what needed to be said.

Please continue to be in prayer for the Senators and Members of Parliament who heard their testimony and that the recommendations they make would be impacted.

Watch the Presentation

The first five minutes of the clip are Mike and Jennifer’s prepared statements concerning their son Markus. We also encourage you to watch the duration of the video, in which committee members directed questions for almost an hour to the Schoutens in relation to euthanasia and the expansion to minors specifically.

What Can You Do?

Please join us in sending a message to the committee, encouraging them to oppose the expansion of euthanasia to minors. Your email will be copied to all the members of the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying.

The ARPA Canada Team

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Watch this video below where Mike explains how important this presentation is, and how you can pray for them:

Watch the full sitting of the AMAD Committee – November 25
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