Back to Basics

In British Columbia, we have one of the most conducive systems for independent Christian schooling. Most Christian schools (Group 1 independent schools) receive 50% public funding, are accredited to award high school diplomas, and still retain a fair degree of independence. If Christian educators and parents prefer, they have almost unlimited independence (though no public funding and no accreditation to award a high school diploma) by registering as a Group 3 independent school or as a home school family.

Yet, this strong education structure is starting to be eroded. Independent distributed learning schools have recently seen their funding reduced. Most Christian schools are being required to comply with more state regulations to retain their funding and accreditation, such as requirements to include statements on sexual orientation and gender identity in their school policies.

We need to go back to the basics. We need to proactively remind our elected leaders why they should continue to provide independence, accreditation, and funding to Christian education.

We can help shore up the foundations of Christian education in two ways.

First, contact your MLA to thank them for the system of education that we have.

Secondly, go back to the basics with your MLA, explaining why independent Christian education should be supported and recognized by the civil government.

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