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Opposing Vaccine Mandates

Canadians’ ability to work and to travel have been seriously impacted by federal vaccine mandates. Some have lost their jobs, and others have been limited in their ability to travel for work or to visit family. The federal government is continuing to enforce coercive mandatory vaccine policies for travel and for federal public servants without any plan to remove them.

It is time for the federal government to follow most other jurisdictions in Canada and around the world in removing these requirements.


Federal MPs

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VIDEO: Colin addresses ongoing coercive federal vaccine mandates

ARTICLE: Coercive COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates are Bad Public Policy

There are two separate policy issues here: vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines. Although distinct, they raise similar underlying concerns for us. ARPA Canada’s stance is that coercive vaccine mandates (directly as a condition of employment despite having bona fides reasons to not be vaccinated, for example, or indirectly though vaccine passports) are bad public policy.

That conclusion, on its own, doesn’t determine whether we should submit to the policy. But we believe such a coercive policy does more harm than good and would be particularly wrong if imposed on churches. Let’s start with the issue of churches first.

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