Family Ties

In their May 2019 throne speech, the UCP promised to table family law amendments in 2020. The previous NDP government had passed legislation that included very concerning language that must be corrected and improved. The new Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act inserted gender identity ideology into the law for child and family services, removed foundational language about the family, and removed important safeguards that restrained government intervention.

We believe that marriage (and, by extension, the family) was the first institution that God created (Genesis 2:18, 24-25). Chronologically, the family supersedes the state, the church, and any other institution in society. For that reason, Christians often call the family the “basic unit” or “basic institution” of society. Yet the importance of the family is crumbling all around us.

What can you do?

Take part in our Family Ties campaign. Follow these easy steps: Ready! Set! Go!

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We are concerned when the government takes over and passes bad family law. Family law passed in Alberta removed foundational language, removed important safeguards, and added gender identity ideology.

Set! Send an Easymail to your MLA and share the three Rs needed to support Strong Families Building Stronger Communities:

  • Reinstate the foundational language.
  • Restore the protective safeguards.
  • Remove the gender ideology.

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Let’s do our part to help improve Alberta’s family law, protect vulnerable children, and promote the foundational role of the family in society.

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Ways to take Action!

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Ask your MLA to reinstate the foundational language, restore the protective safeguards, and remove the gender ideology in a new family law bill.