Bill C-257 / S-257: Discrimination based on political belief

Status: C-257 passed first reading in the House of Commons | S-257 passed first reading in the Senate

Description: Adds the words “political belief or activity” to the current Canadian Human Rights Code and makes “political belief or activity” a prohibited ground of discrimination. The act would have the effect of the Canadian Human Rights tribunal having to adjudge cases stemming from people employed by the Public Service, First Nation governments, or federally regulated companies – banks, trucking companies, broadcasters, and telecommunication companies – who are discriminated against based on factors such as their partisan affiliation.

Analysis: In a world of increasing political correctness, cancel culture, and censorship, it is increasingly difficult to hold to certain beliefs and be welcome to participate in public life. Insisting that discrimination based on these political beliefs and activities violates the Canadian standard of human rights is an important step to safeguarding a free and pluralistic society.

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