S-233/C-223 Guaranteed livable basic income

Status: Bill S-233 is further along than its equivalent in the House, and has reached Second Reading in the Senate. (For clarity, bills originating in the Senate will have to go through the full process in the House after passage through the Senate)

Background: S-211 was introduced in the Senate, and an identical bill, C-223 was introduced in the House of Commons. This bill proposes that the federal government establish a national framework for a guaranteed liveable basic income for all Canadians over the age of 17.Analysis: These bills are only two pages long and do not include many specifics. They simply call on the government to prepare a report setting out the framework and introduce it in Parliament within one year of the passage of the bill. Given that the Liberal government hasn’t made universal basic income a priority in its last election platform, its last throne speech, or recent mandate letters, the government will likely not devote the time required to pass these bills. concerns relating to this bill and connections with a social credit system are unfounded.

You can read our introductory article here and our second article asking the question, “How should Christians respond to a guaranteed livable basic income?”

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