12 years old: Consider adoption as the selfless alternative



December 12, 2011

Prince George Citizen – December 8, 2011: As human beings we depend upon each other for love, stability and care, and children are no exception to the rule.

Did you know that children who are raised in single-parent houses are five times more likely to grow up in poverty, three to four times more likely to commit suicide and two to three times more likely to abuse drugs? Tragically a high amount of people in jail come from fatherless homes, not to mention girls without a father are far more likely to be promiscuous.

Adoption into a stable home would make this much less likely to happen then the option of foster care, which often connects children to people only to be ripped apart.
And of course the other option of abortion which is resorted to at 40 per cent of all pregnancies.

But did you know that only two per cent of pregnancies end in adoption? Adoption would give your baby a stable home, both mother and father and protection.

Is this an option you have considered?

Yes, this alternative would be difficult and rather heartbreaking to part with your child after caring for him or her for nine months, but it would be self-sacrificing, courageous, heroic and loving. It would give your child a lasting husband and wife role model; something that you may not be able to give if you are single. You can also pick who will adopt your child, to assure that your child gets who he or she needs.

I think putting your child up for adoption is a chance to care for him or her and to establish a strong foundation.Adoption is thought to lead to foster care, or abuse but this is very rare. It is not selfish, but provides safety and above all it is loving.

If you cannot provide what a child needs, adoption is the way to go.

Baillie Carrico, age 12 Prince George



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