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October 28, 2011

“The News Review” Oct 27th edition of Yorkton Saskatchewan: The Occupy Wall Street protestors want Big Government socialist solutions to combat poverty. There are other ways government can tackle poverty. Poverty should be dealt with by government alleviating the Biblical definition of the Institution of the Family which is the married one man and one woman at the exclusion of all others martial union as a unique legal entity and with special legal status. This should be at the deliberate discrimination of all other unions, as law of the land.


In the U.S. in the 90s, it was stated, if you were married and never divorced, completed Grade 12, had no children out of wedlock and had any job – even starting at minimum wage, the poverty level of such families was four per cent. Married black Americans had only a eight per cent poverty level. It is still by far the lowest of all social demographics. Common law cohabiting males make only half the income of married men. Children of common law families have a fives times higher poverty rate then kids in married homes. Common law relationships are unstable and short lived and lacks commitment by its very design. For government to grant common law union status rights just fuels poverty.

In the public-schools which government oversees, have a sex-education curriculum that strongly pushes abstinence until marriage. The state education cartel can start telling students the truth that “safe-sex” leads to unplanned children (big time poverty through out-of-wedlock births) while its impossible to have unplanned pregnancies when practicing abstinence. What do you call those who use condoms for birth control? Shocked parents.

Tied into this, government can reduce poverty by making divorce illegal except for adultery and physical abuse. Adultery should be a criminal offense like physical abuse is and thus should help greatly cut down divorce rates. Easy Divorce laws obviously greatly increase divorce and it greatly increases poverty as well. Divorce leads to two dwellings having to be maintained instead of one, huge legal costs and the dividing of assets. They all increase poverty.

Government should recriminalize all gambling like it once was to fight poverty. Gambling addicts often put themselves and the rest of their families in the poor house through their addiction.

Government can also live within its means by balancing the budget and being a small minimalist government in order to facilitate a huge drop in taxes without going in the red. A small minimalist government can greatly reduce poverty because it has the room to lower the tax burden due to the low cost of governing, since the poor are the least able to pay any tax.

The sad thing is, this tried and true solution to poverty will never be adopted for it attacks a fair number of the scared cows that liberals and the Left hold dear. As long as any zany union of people gets legal status, as long as gambling is legal and promoted, divorce is easy obtained, teen pregnancies are common due to liberal sex education and as long as we have a crippling tax burden on the poor to pay for big government, poverty will remain a huge social problem.

Stanley Reitsma, Carman, MB.

“The Carillon” newspaper of Steinbach Manitoba Oct 27th edition: Less Government is better

Nooren Janzen in her letter “Do we want less?” writes basically that many want their cake and eat it too in regards to the fact she believes that lots of people want less government but want more schools, teachers, doctors and infrastructure. Janzen runs into people who deliberately avoid voting for the NDP because they want less government. So if less government does that mean they want less schools, teachers, health care etc, she asks 

As a Christian what I would like is a government that stays within its jurisdiction or sphere according to the Bible and keep its nose out of everything that the Bible clearly states is the function of self, the institution of the family and the church.

In regards to the education of children the Bible never has any mention that the state has any role in it. It was the responsibility of parents and the church. For the thousands of years of man’s existence only in the last two centuries did government meddle with education. It is not an issue of whether I want more or less teachers. If the whole system from kindergarden through university or collage was to be privatized we would have our teachers without government and this debate about needing teachers would not be discussion in regards to government and its budgets.

In regards to health care, Scripture does not ever make any connect between health care and government except for that the prohibition against murder applies to the medical profession as well. Things like embryonic stem cell research, abortion and euthanasia should be illegal. Other than that, your and your own children’s health is your responsibility, not the state. If we allowed for a private free market health care system, the talk about hallway medicine or number crunching in regards to staff amounts is moot in regards to government.

Regarding the role of the State according to Scripture, because of man’s own sinfulness, if there was no deterrence, man would cause and would live under total anarchy and mayhem, so God ordained government to be around to prevent that. God gave government the sword to punish evildoers and reward those who do well so that society could function and survive.

God has allowed government to have a military to deter evil foreign aggressors to prevent the conquering and the enslavement of its citizens.

These two functions of the state and the right to collect the tax revenue to pay for this essentially sums up the whole jurisdiction of the state. A Justice system which government officials make laws and enforce them to keep the peace between sinful mankind and a military to keep foreign aggressors at bay from enslaving or plundering is the two primary functions of government.

Let’s have a separation of health care, welfare, education and state. Ms. Janzen, less is better.

Stanley Reitsma     Carman  Manitoba

Winnipeg Sun, Oct 24 2011: Kinsella a ‘hypocrite’

Re: ‘WWJD? Join hands with the Occupiers,’ Warren Kinsella, Oct. 16.
Kinsella believes Christ would join the Wall Street Occupiers, according to his Bible-quoting column. Yet 11 years ago, Mr. Kinsella appeared on TV with a Barney the Dinosaur to mock and ridicule Stockwell Day’s belief in creation. Now today he quotes from the same Bible that teaches this very young universe created in one week, to put his point across. What an appalling hypocrite.

Winnipeg Sun Oct 17th:

In regards to the WRHA condom campaign, what do you call those who use condoms for birth control? Shocked and surprised parents.

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