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April 19, 2008

Defending YOUR free speech & religious liberty

Ron Gray

Three complaints have been filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against the Christian Heritage Party and its leader, Ron Gray, alleging “hatred” and “contempt” in the Party’s 20-year-old policy of opposing special rights for homosexuals.

This case may be the most significant of its kind to date, for it seeks to silence even political criticism of homosexuality.

If the only federal political party that opposes the ‘gay’ agenda can be silenced, who will be left to speak for you?

Previous similar cases have included Hugh Owens (punished for a newspaper ad that cited chapter and verse references to Biblical condemnation of homosexual behaviour); Scott Brockie (who refused, on moral grounds, to print promotional materials for the Gay & Lesbian Archives); Dagmar and Arnost Cepica, a retired couple in PEI who refused to rent a room in their home (a B&B) to two homosexual men; and Dr. Chris Kempling, punished by his employer for writing letters to the editor of his local paper expressing his concern—as a teacher and registered counseling psychologist—about indoctrinating students in the public schools to consider homosexuality as ‘normal’; and as a CHP candidate, for declaring his Party’s opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’.

Those Canadians were all persecuted for expressing their moral convictions. That’s a clear violation of Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which says

“everyone has the right to
a) freedom of conscience and religion;
b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication…”

In the case of Dr. Kempling, Ron Gray and the CHP, not only are those Section 2 rights being violated; so are their Section 3 Charter rights:

“Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein.”

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2003 that Section 3 Charter rights must include the right to communicate a political party’s policies. These complaints to the CHRC are an attempt to end that right; and an attempt as to silence Canadians’ freedom to hold and express political and religious convictions.

If Ron and the CHP don’t have those rights, no Canadian has!

Ron Gray is representing his Party in these hearings—but he is also representing every Canadian, of whatever faith, who wants to defend the freedom to express their moral convictions in public.

Ron says, “I’m convinced the real purpose behind these complaints is to exhaust the finances of the CHP, so we’ll be unable to represent these and other Biblical principles in an election. For that reason, I’ve resolved not to use the CHP’s resources—that’s money given by the Party’s supporters for election campaigns, not for legal battles.

“These allegations of ‘hate’ are utterly false” Ron adds. “We’ve never been motivated by hate. Christians are the best friends people afflicted by homosexuality have, because we want to see them set free from behaviour that will shorten their lives and endanger their eternity; the activists behind these false charges, however, want to keep them addicted, to use them in the propaganda war against God and the Church.”

This case may have to go all the way to the Supreme Court, to defend religious liberties and freedom of speech for all Canadians.

This case must not fail!

Money will be needed for court costs and legal expenses. That’s why we’re asking every Canadian who believes in freedom and Biblical morality to help. All donations to Ron’s legal defence fund, of any size, are important… and please send this appeal onward, to every Christian and every freedom-loving Canadian you know; remember: “Many hands make light work.”

TODAY, please prayerfully consider the most generous contribution you can make. Please send your cheque as soon as possible to:

Ron Gray Legal Defense Fund
c/o Ronald McDonald Law Office
406 Stafford Dr. S
Lethbridge AB T1J 2L2

Thank you.


Ron McDonald

PS. If need be, Ron is willing to go to jail, rather than submit to tyranny, but he does not want to see the religious liberties and free speech of Canadians trampled! If you possibly can, please help us win this case.

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