A shocking admission from an abortion doctor



June 3, 2008

From Alberta Pro-Life E-Update – May 29, 2008 

Last week in a story on the latest abortion numbers from Statistics Canada, the Globe and Mail reporter Hayley Mick quoted Dr. Debby Copes, medical director of a clinic called Choice in Health, who has been performing abortions for 20 years. She said the statistics were meaningless. “I can think of at least 10,000 procedures that are happening every year in Toronto that aren’t being counted.” The reporter added that Dr. Copes was “referring to abortions being done in doctors’ offices or clinics that are not licensed by Ontario.” Ms. Mick also reported that Richard Trudeau, director of health statistics for Statistics Canada, confirmed that “there’s more and more literature to indicate that there might be abortions performed in physicians’ offices, and those we’re unable to monitor.” Unlicensed clinics? Doctors performing abortions in their offices? In a province where all abortions, whether in clinics or hospitals are funded by the province, why are there unlicensed clinics? And has Dr. Copes, who was part of a team that updated the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario clinical practice guidelines for abortion, reported the unlicensed clinics to authorities?

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