A Smashing Success: Free Speech Wall Destroyed in Hours



January 23, 2013

A student demonstration in Carleton University student demonstration in Carleton University was a smashing success. Success, because it achieved its goal, and smashing in the way that it achieved it.

Members of the Carleton Students for Liberty erected a small sheet of plywood, papered with blank sheets, in a public space and invited people to write whatever they wanted on it. The purpose of the demonstration was to show whether free speech was still alive and well on the campus after several much-publicized incidents including the arrest of anti-abortion activists. Only a few hours after it was up, the “free speech wall”, together with the notion of free speech on campus, was smashed by a student claiming to be in his 7th year of “human rights studies”.

The perpetrator, Arun Smith, justified his violence on the basis that the free speech wall was “an act of violence” against the gay community. He did this despite the lack of anything anti-gay on the board. “Not every opinion is valid or deserving of expression,” he told the media through Twitter.

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