Abortion becoming an issue in provincial party leadership campaigns



January 16, 2018
The pro-life group “Right Now” is out with some suggested ranked ballots for political party leadership races. In Saskatchewan, members of the governing Saskatchewan Party will be voting on January 27th to replace their retiring leader, Brad Wall, while in BC, members of the provincial Liberal Party will vote next month on a replacement for Christy Clark, who lost a provincial election last year.

Right Now surveyed the contenders in both leadership races. In Saskatchewan, they ranked Ken Cheveldayoff as the candidate most in line with pro-life views, while in BC, their pick was Michael Lee.

But Lee actually appeared to back away from some of the pro-life commitments he had articulated in his answer to the survey.

The organization’s Scott Hayward says Lee’s about-face is “disappointing”, but it’s important to keep perspective, because Lee did not disavow his pledges on several key points including late-term abortion, sex-selective abortion, or the notion that abortion statistics should be publicly available. Hayward says the fact that the issue is on the radar in the leadership races is a positive development. “We have to recognize that when we’re participating in a political process, we aren’t going to win all the time on our issues, but if we’re winning more than we’re losing, then we’re still going in a forward direction.”

You can find the ranked ballot for the Saskatchewan Party leadership race here, and the one for the BC Liberal race here.

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