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February 22, 2010

www.HumanRightsCommissions – Stand Up For Freedom Canada! is a grassroots educational campaign to defend our fundamental human rights from Canada’s human rights commissions and tribunals.

We believe it is time that the injustices of the commissions and tribunals be exposed and legislators be made aware of the need to reform, replace, or remove them. We do this in the name of upholding genuine human rights that suffer as a result of being trumped by the newly fabricated rights talk that is common in Canada’s commissions and courts. If you believe in the importance of having the freedom to believe, think, write, speak, assemble, and act according to your convictions, please join us in our campaign.


Who is this campaign directed towards?

All Canadians, regardless of race, faith, gender, age, sex, or social status.

Is Stand Up for Freedom Canada an organization?

No. We are a campaign that was started with a specific goal of educating Canadians about the abuses of freedom by Canada’s human rights commissions.

Can I financially support Stand Up for Freedom Canada!

If you want this effort to reach more people, we would welcome donations that can be used for producing more resources, advertising on Facebook, and covering other expenses that are directly related to this campaign. Contact us at [email protected] for any questions or offers to help financially.

Can Stand Up for Freedom Canada! help me with my case (be it a HRC complaint or otherwise)?

We are simply a group of people who agreed to work together for the specific cause of this campaign. We are not able to take on anything bigger or offer legal advice. Neither will we engage in fundraising for cases. Having said that, we welcome you to send us an email to inform us about your case: [email protected].

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