Action Item: Defend the Debate on Abortion



November 27, 2009

By ARPA Canada ( Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott is under attack for a press-release he issued recently about abortion in his home province of Saskatchewan. ARPA Canada posted that press-release here. It is a powerful document and well-worth reading it in its entirety. Vellacott stated that “The bottom line is that the decline in the availability of abortion services is directly linked to a growing commitment to the medical evidence of what abortion does and how abortion negatively impacts the lives of women.” In response, MP’s and the mainstream media have coume out swinging against Vellacott (see links to dozens of articles here).

Action Item: We need to write letters to the editor in defence of Vellacott’s statements. Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to abortion. A big reason for this is because political leaders who publicly speak about it are vilified and the debate quickly stops. By writing to your newspaper in support of Vellacott’s comments we can help change this status-quo that is killing children and harming women. Click here for tips for letter writing.

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