Alberta Pro-Life rolls out Defund Abortion campaign



March 2, 2012

ARPA Note: Albertans, please take the time to read the full article and check out the links at the end.

EDMONTON, March 1, 2012 ( – In anticipation of the upcoming spring election, Alberta Pro-Life has reinvigorated a campaign demanding that the government defund abortion in the province.

Working with a grassroots initiative begun by pro-life university and college students, Alberta Pro-Life took on the campaign in mid-January to more effectively lobby the Alberta government to change its current policy of paying for abortion-on-demand with taxpayers’ money. Taxpayers pay for an average of 12,000 abortions per year at a minimum cost of $14,500 each through the Alberta health care insurance plan. Stephanie Fennelly, Executive Director of Alberta Pro-Life, told LifeSiteNews that previous campaigns to defund abortion in the province have been directed at politicians. However, this campaign will focus on educating voters. Keep reading

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