Another memorial erected!



April 27, 2013

This morning, the ARPA Oxford group erected a large and impressive memorial commemorating the 100,000 preborn children lost to abortion in the last year. The impressive display is strategically located where lots of traffic in Oxford county will see it as they pass by. Following a very successful campaign in 2012, this memorial is the first of 2013, kicking off another season of public witness by local ARPA groups across the country.

We expect to see more of this large, attention-grabbing visual testimony to the numbers of children lost to abortion every year in Canada. These memorials are incredibly effective in raising awareness about what on this issue: the lack of a law, the high numbers, the reality of the humanity of the preborn child. Congratulations to ARPA Oxford for a well constructed display, and we look forward to seeing many more across the province and country this season!

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