Another youth entry: What Are People Trying to Hide?



November 10, 2011

Chilliwack Times, November 8, 2011: I am wondering why a preemie is called a baby, but in the womb a baby is still called a fetus or a ‘blob of cells’ no matter what the age.

When I studied biology in Grade 10 nothing with a face and a beating heart was ever referred to as a blob of cells.

Babies can survive as young as 22 weeks. Doctors do everything they can to make sure preemies survive. Why?

Because they are human beings. What difference does it make whether babies are inside or outside of the womb? I certainly would not call you a blob of cells or feel I have the right to end your life just because you are inside.

Newborns clearly have feelings. They cry when they are hungry, tired, neglected, or hurt. I know this from experience because I have six younger siblings. I cannot give you a list of scientific data to prove it, but I am sure that babies do not automatically go from ‘nothing’ to a person with feelings and emotions all at once when they’re born.

So what are people trying to hide? The evidence is all right there. Please realize that babies are people both before and after they are born. There is no hiding that fact.

Valerie Flokstra Chilliwack – age 15

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