Anti-terror laws to be commended



September 12, 2011

Vancouver Sun, Sept 10 2011: Re: Harper slammed for plans to bring back sweeping anti-terror laws, Sept. 7: Contrary to being “slammed,” the prime minister should be commended for this latest act. It is encouraging to see Stephen Harper take action to ensure Canadians are well protected from the threat of radical Islam and anti-terror laws are one method of doing so.

Until recently, political correctness compelled politicians to avoid suggesting, despite evidence to the contrary, that certain groups posed a greater threat to the security of Canadians. It takes bold leadership to defend our cultural heritage and freedoms from those who would take it from us and who are abetted by self-styled intellectual elites who loath that heritage with its roots in a Judeo-Christian world view.

I am grateful that without the shackles of a minority government, Mr. Harper is willing to broach this topic.

Mike Schouten


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