Are municipalities too squeamish to talk abortion?



May 26, 2014

Do you think this poster is so offensive that a municipal government is justified in banning it from being displayed on their buses? Or do you agree with us that Edmontonians are capable of having this discussion? Check our ARPA’s op-ed, published in the Calgary Herald this morning, on why the City of Edmonton was wrong to deny the publishing of this billboard on their buses. And kudos to the Barrhead/Neerlandia ARPA group for doing all they could to get this billboard published!

If you think Edmonton should have allowed this billboard to be posted on the ETS buses, and if you’re concerned about the City’s censorship, give the Edmonton mayor and councillors a call. You can find their contact info here.

Calgary Herald – 26 May, 2014 – André SchuttenWith all the chatter about fetuses over the past few weeks, it seems that abortion isn’t the pariah of discussion topics it once was. Justin Trudeau’s no-choice-but-pro-choice comments and Niki Ashton’s proposed-then-quickly-withdrawn motion on abortion have generated pages of commentary in every mainstream paper across the country.

But if you thought that freedom of discussion about contentious political issues was entering a new and glorious era of freedom, think again. While the media and federal and provincial politicians are finally talking about abortion again, municipalities continue to run scared.

In fact, the level of government guilty of the most censorship is the municipality. Keep Reading


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