ARPA’s Campaign Highlighted in Maclean’s Magazine



November 13, 2012

Maclean’s magazine, with 2.4 milllion readers, has published an in-depth analysis of Canada’s legal treatment of the unborn. The article features a constitutional law expert, two Members of Parliament, and ARPA’s campaign.

The Maclean’s article explains that our courts are struggling with how to even speak about the unborn because there are no laws and our legislatures refuse to change that. It goes on to detail how this is finally being challenged, by brave MPs but also through the pro-life movement. “A pivotal moment came last May, when representatives from the Association for Reformed Political Action, a national Christian advocacy group, approached Vancouver-based activist Mike Schouten about running an initiative to build support for fetal protection legislation.”

It goes on to detail the campaign, without the criticism that most pro-life efforts get from the mainstream media. “The thousands of signatures WeNeedaLaw sent off to MPs played no small role in getting Woodworth’s motion onto the Commons floor. The group’s approach is part of a broader strategy within the anti-abortion movement to win hearts and minds instead of lecturing or shaming.” Find the whole article here.


The Lord willing, this campaign can be a part of a national effort to realize legal protection for Canada’s unborn. Thank you for allowing us to do this work.

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