ARPA Submission to BC Health Committee – End of Life Care



December 8, 2014

After seeing a note from “Dying with Dignity” encouraging their supporters to make use of the BC government’s consultation about health care sustainability and end-of-life care to promote euthanasia, we drafted our own submission (see the attached document). In recent years, there has been a push to redefine end-of-life care to include assisted suicide and euthanasia. This undermines the very concept of care, exploits some of our most vulnerable neighbours, and ignores a much better and proven alternative – palliative care. Promoting palliative care, not euthanasia and assisted suicide, upholds the dignity of human life while showing true love and compassion for those who are suffering.

We encourage our readers to share their storie and ideas, or make their own submissions to the BC health committee before December 31st here.

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