At last! Supreme Court to release free speech decision



February 25, 2013

The Bill Whatcott case is back in the news. Many years ago, Whatcott delivered hundreds of flyers to his neighbourhood. Using those flyers, he argued forcefully, even offensively, against the promotion of homosexuality by the government in schools. Four individuals complained to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. The Commission prosecuted Mr. Whatcott at the Human Rights Tribunal and he was found guilty of hate speech, fined $17,500 and ordered never to distribute such flyers again.
After three appeals, on October 12, 2011 the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments from Mr. Whatcott’s lawyers, from the Saskatchewan Commission’s lawyers and from 25 interveners, a list that included seven government agencies, all seven of which argued for government censorship.
The day before the hearing, ARPA’s legal counsel explained what is at stake in this case in a short three minute video (linked here). We encourage you to watch it to refresh your memory on what’s at stake. The Supreme Court has deliberated on this case for over 16 months now. When the decision is released, we will review it and comment. In the meantime, pray for a positive result, so that the gospel can be preached without compromise.

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