Audio: Jon Dykstra on the Overton Window



August 19, 2011


Christian principles are not very popular in our secular world. So how do we go about promoting them? How do we effectively shift an idea in society from radical, to sensible, to policy? In this 14 minute talk, Jon Dykstra explains a theory known as the Overton Window and how we can apply it to the political and social issues facing Canada. Click here to listen and right click the link to download to your computer or MP3 player (note pictures below which are referenced in the talk).

Dykstra is the editor of Reformed Perspective Magazine. He delivered this talk at four towns and cities as part of ARPA Canada’s spring Alberta tour in April. We highly recommend listening to the audio version and sharing it with your friends, as it cuts through many of the common fallacies about effectiveness.

The pictures below are referenced in Dykstra’s talk.

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