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September 15, 2011

Carman Valley Leader: The CBC, or the Orwellian Ministry of Love, insults its viewers or hearers virtually 24/7. I am tired of its hardcore leftist sermonizing that the sky is falling with global warming, for its apologizing for Islam, support for the Big Nanny State, public health care, Barack Obama, human rights commissions etc.

It has a pathological fear of anything conservative or right wing. It sounds like an amateur left wing university student radio station, not a national broadcaster.

The CBC is often called “Mothercorp” by rivals, journalists and those who earn their pay by its propaganda. “Mother” is a strange name to call a bureaucratic entity, but it fits. The CBC, like most mothers, is a huge purveyor of guilt. It views most things that our nation has done as an orgy of racism, violence and sexism Michael Moore style.

The CBC’s favourite target for demonizing is evangelical Christians who are socially conservative. If what was said by the ‘Christian Bashing Corporation’ (the CBC) against Stockwell Day, Sarah Palin or the pro-life movement was said about homosexuals, the human rights commissions would have a case load for hate crimes stretching well until the middle of the 22nd century.

I found it ironic to the point of being hilarious five years ago that the CBC headquarters was a target of a terrorist attack by Muslims. The mother of all bleaters about root causes happens to be a target by those whom their own stories are portrayed too often most sympathetically.

This cultural relativistic champion of every ‘victim’ a target! What’s more, the CBC still could not bring itself to call a spade and spade when it has yet to call those who targeted them Muslim terrorists.

Way too funny.

A minority tune to it, and the Green Party wants to waste more greenbacks on it?

Stanley Reitsma


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