BBQ with Yellowhead MP Hon. Rob Merrifield



July 22, 2014

The Barrhead/Neerlandia ARPA chapter hosted a BBQ to thank Hon. Rob Merrifield, MP for Yellowhead for his work and commitment to the riding in which he served and is now retiring from. The approximately 45 people that attended the BBQ included both past and present board members, Mr. Merrifield and his wife and Mr. Merrifield’s White Court office secretary and her husband. Board member Jacqueline Hamoen wrote that the guests were very thankful for the opportunity to come to a pig roast on a farm. 

The group presented Mr. Merrifield with a picture, designed by Caitlin Hamoen, with words of appreciation for the work and dedication he had given the Yellowhead riding. He was surprised but very thankful for the gift.

According to Jacqueline Hamoen, Mr. Merrifield mentioned the appreciation that he had serving, and how important it is to keep Christian leaders in play. He felt at home and had a great many laughs with everyone. The evening was enjoyed by everyone.


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