B.C. group calls for legalization of assisted suicide



November 6, 2008 The passing of Washington’s assisted-suicide initiative has renewed calls by a B.C. group to enact similar legislation. Retired B.C. physician Brian Finnemore, who practised medicine for 40 years and is a member of the Right to Die Society of Canada, supports a similar bill on this side of the border. “I’ve seen many people suffer through a very uncomfortable death which could have been prevented,” Finnemore told CBC News. Washington voters on Tuesday gave solid approval to Initiative 1000, which is modelled after Oregon’s Death with Dignity law. [Keep reading this article here.]

ARPA Note: ARPA Canada readers may remember the article “Euthanasia on the Horizon” which warned of this development. It includes a list of suggested action items. For more information on this issue go to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s website.

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