Blame the state, not the rich



November 7, 2011

Carman Valley Leader, Nov 3 2011: The occupiers of Wall Street are at the wrong address. They describe themselves as the bottom 99 per cent. They blame the top one per cent wealthy or CEOs for tanking the economy. They should picket Parliament Hill or Capital Hill. The real one per cent is government.

The CEOs or the one per cent the occupiers refer to are the smartest people who invent and market material goods that everyone enjoys.

They are the makers, not the takers like the useless portion of the state.

But the state, the real one per cent, is the one who exploit the 99 per cent by causing inflation by printing money almost endlessly to cover their reckless spending, by impoverishing through crippling taxes and burdensome regulations.

The state levels countries through military conflict and with political correctness censors and restricts religious freedom through Human Rights Commissions. The state causes social unrest through affirmative action laws and destroys our culture through multiculturalism. The state causes unemployment through destructive socialism. The state pays for and allows the murder of the innocent through abortion.

The Wall Street protesters should look at their own government. There are millions of bureaucrats in the useless portion of the state. Useless bureaucrats who come up with draconian laws that attack business competitiveness because of special interests who want an unfair advantage. Draconian laws that assault ones enjoyment of private property all in the name of saving the planet.

Bureaucrats who restrict or almost ban our right to protect ourselves in the name of gun control and the misplaced concern of harm to the assailant. Bureaucrats who ban many activities, using the most feeble of excuses in the of sake safety, health and or the environment. Bureaucrats who blindly want to wreck the economy and destroy our freedoms in a green police state in order to save us from the fairy tale consequences of global warming.

In Canada this useless portion of the State includes all Human Rights Commissions from coast to coast.

We now have language police (Quebec), free speech police (HRCs), recycling police, coming soon the light bulb police and other eco-police, lunch box police at government schools, with more and more such police coming and already here to micro-manage our lives. Witness all the incidents of curbside lemonade stands run by children getting shut down because of lack of permits or paranoid fears of health threats by over zealous government bureaucrats.

No wonder we have less freedom than ever before in North American history.

More and more the state Leviathan, the real one per cent grows with the tax burden in the billions to assault our freedoms through government political correctness and other liberal causes keeps us all in the 99 per cent.

Stanley Reitsma,


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