Born Alive, Left to Die and the Mainstream Media Turns a Blind Eye



February 12, 2013

André SchuttenFebruary 1, 2013(update appended, February 12, 2013) – Last week marked a new low for Canadian journalism. Three Members of Parliament were made aware of a credible allegation of 491 homicides. They sent a request to the RCMP to investigate. After they issued a press release, the Canadian Press turned the story about multiple homicides into a headline about abortion. For example, the National Post simply ran the Canadian Press story with this headline: Three Tory MPs want police to investigate abortions after 19 weeks as homicides.

I read the news release from the three MPs. There is nothing in the release suggesting that the MPs were asking the RCMP to investigate abortions. They called specifically for a criminal investigation into the deaths of children already born – babies born alive and left to die.

Between 2000 and 2009, 491 medical procedures were carried out which resulted in the live births of 491 infants. These infants were left to die. This information has been recorded by Statistics Canada. It’s accurate. It’s horrific. It’s criminal.

Section 223(2) of the Criminal Code reads “A person commits homicide when he causes injury to a child before or during its birth as a result of which the child dies after becoming a human being.” That is to say, anyone who interferes with a pregnancy such that the child dies after it is born alive due to that interference is guilty of homicide. That’s the law.

So again, why have there been no criminal investigations? Why no outcry? Why is the Canadian Press twisting a story about homicide into one about abortion? Doesn’t the media exist to expose this type of government-funded scandal?

The lack of clarity, investigation and prosecution demonstrates that political correctness surrounding the abortion issue trumps common sense, common decency and the rule of law.

Our provinces need to stop funding this criminal behaviour. Our police need to start investigating this criminal behaviour. Our society needs to stop tolerating this criminal behaviour. And our politicians need to keep discussing this criminal behaviour so that we can put an end to it.

*Update: Canadian Press subsequently issued a correction to their story, noting that the MPs did request an investigation only for “abortions resulting in live births” and not for all abortions after 19 weeks. This correction has not stopped other media outlets and politicians from twisting the story. However, the media frenzy over the story has resulted in increased exposure of the grotesque practice, and we are thankful to note that the National Post, a week later, ran this headline: Readers agree: It’s time Canada had an abortion law. This is thanks to people like you who engage your society by writing letters to the editor. Thank you!

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