Breaking: Motion 408 deemed non-votable but MP Warawa Promises to Fight



March 22, 2013

Update: An EasyMail letter is now available (click here) that goes to your MP, the PM, and the sub-committee that made the decision to abort M-408. Please take 10 minutes to stand up for democracy.

( A Parliamentary sub-committee has ruled today that Motion 408 is non-votable. This means that rather than simply a debate over whether the House of Commons should condemn sex-selective abortion we are now going to have a debate about democracy.

The sponsor of the motion, Mark Warawa has vowed to appeal this ruling and, if need be, take it all the way to the Speaker of the House who will then decide if members can rule on the fate of M408 by way of secret ballot. If this happens it will be the first time in Canadian history! The government may have thought that be quashing M408 they would be finished with it, but that is not the case. Read the full story and find SimpleMail letters at 

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