Canada’s opposition NDP call for removal of charitable status for ‘ex-gay’ groups



July 12, 2011

ARPA Action Item: Are we next? The NDP has passed a resolution calling for the government to revoke the charitable status of groups that support those who seek to overcome same-sex attraction. As Don Hutchinson, legal counsel for the EFC writes, “Should religious charities be forbidden from providing support to those who want to converse, seek counselling or change their lifestyle? …This NDP resolution is a potential attack on the heart of all types of ministries, not just those offering services to gays and lesbians.” If your Member of Parliament is a New Democrat, please contact your MP and express your concern about this policy. If your MP is not a New Democrat, please contact the NDP National Office and that of the Leader of the Opposition to express your concern. To read more, see below.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 11, 2011 ( – by Patrick B. Craine – Delegates with Canada’s newly-minted official Opposition, the New Democrat Party (NDP), passed a resolution calling on the government to revoke the charitable status of groups that support those seeking to overcome same-sex attraction at their policy convention in Vancouver last month.

Introducing the resolution, which was passed unanimously, outgoing “LGBT” co-chair Matthew McLaughlin specifically urged the government to revoke the status of Exodus Global Alliance, and asked that they investigate other ex-gay groups as well. Read more

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