Caroling with your MLA



September 7, 2018

Caroling with your MLA

During the Christmas break my wife and I and a friend had the opportunity to join our local MLA and some of his supporters for his annual Christmas caroling ritual. It was a short and simple event. We shook hands with everyone in the MLA’s office and then went out on the Main Street of our downtown core and sang a few songs outside on the street corners. We went into a few stores and restaurants and sang to the customers. One of the stores was the local ski shop and I saw the MLA checking out some XC skis, so I took the opportunity to broach the subject of winter sports with him. After the caroling was over, we went back to the office and had soup and buns together and were able to casually converse some more. About a week later, we followed up by dropping off some treats and a Christmas card with our family picture on it so he could recognize us. – Austin, Smithers

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