Christmas Baskets – ON



September 7, 2018

Christmas Baskets

Our ARPA chapter decided to give Christmas Gift baskets along with a Bible to an MP, MPP, Mayor, or Councillor. Each of us (10 in total) picked a specific person to contact. One of the people who attended our meeting was familiar with the protocol for giving gifts to political leaders and gave us lots of hints on how our gift would get noticed. This was providential.

I picked my area’s MP. I called her office and set up an appointment for when she was in town. When we met I was able to remind her of the time she canvassed at my house before she was in office. The MP said that she went to prayer meetings once per week when she was able to. I was very excited that she was so receptive and open. I asked if I could pray with her and she agreed. She said that she had other prayer supporters, which was great to hear. It was a great experience. – Diana, Hamilton

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