CLCBC media response to release of 2010 Abortion stats “What a joke”



April 20, 2012

Media release in response to announcement of 2010 abortion statistics

 Campaign Life Coalition BC president, John Hof, reacted to the release of 2010 abortion statistics for Canada by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), with unusual sarcasm. “What a joke. If CIHI kept stats on breast cancer like they keep on abortions, the country would be outraged.”

“The politicization of Abortion stats has taken a deadly turn with these new numbers. Abortion supporters can now legitimately send out a press release saying the numbers of abortions in Canada have dropped by 30% 40% or even 50%. Meanwhile the truth is CIHI has stopped counting the corpses. It is a lot like saying crime stats have plummeted when the truth is victims have stopped calling police to report B and E and auto thefts.”

The latest stats from CIHI reveal the astounding news that Quebec now has no abortions at all. “Congratulations to the province of Quebec for being the first province in Canada to end abortion.” Hof commented. Closer scrutiny reveals the Hospitals and clinics in Quebec are not mandated to report to CIHI.

“Since British Columbia abortion clinics are still refusing to count their abortions, perhaps it is time to stop paying for them unless they are reported.” Hof added.

“This kind of shoddy statistic keeping would be unacceptable in any other industry. How is it even possible to balance medical accounts if the people getting paid to do the medical procedures won’t tell you how many they are doing? They could be ripping off the already stretched medical system for millions of dollars and for political reasons no one dares to raise a voice of objection. “

If one adds in all of the mitigating factors in the CIHI statistics and totals up all of the under and unreported estimates, Canada’s abortion rate could be well over an astounding 150,000. Even when records were kept more diligently by Statistics Canada, we never went over 120,000. “For them to now say Canada only had 64,641 abortions in 2010 is laughable to the extreme.” Hof stated.

“Can we PLEASE have a debate, discussion, and even a Bill to fix this disgraceful situation we have in Canada? We Need a Law desperately. The lawlessness has to end.”

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