Conservative leadership candidates talk pre-born human rights



April 4, 2017
Life issues have hit the radar in the federal Conservative Party leadership race again, and this time, from an unusual source. Candidate Rick Peterson, who has clearly identified himself as pro-choice, sent out an email this week expressly courting pro-life voters. We Need a Law’s Mike Schouten says the content was a surprise. “I think what was most surprising was that he said ‘In line with the Party platform, I will support and prioritize comprehensive legislation making it criminal to use abortion as a means to discriminate against female fetuses.’” He says Peterson’s policy position is the “direct result of the work that (the pro-life movement) did in 2013 to ensure that the Conservative Party had this as part of their platform.” He says Peterson’s position is the fruit of that work, coming from “unlikely sources.”

Schouten isn’t sure whether Peterson’s email will garner him more support among social conservatives, but it definitely shows that they are being taken seriously.

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