2015 Summer Billboard Contest



June 18, 2015

Update (Oct. 22): Deadline has been extended to November 21. Don’t forget to submit your designs!

Prizes, expert judging, and promotion sponsored by Compass Creative and Reformed Perspective.

In 2013 we held our first billboard contest and the submissions continue to be used in various mediums – as billboards, car decals, stickers and large-scale ads on trailers.

This summer we are launching the 2015 edition of the billboard design contest. We challenge our readers to create new designs for billboards, which can then be used by ARPA groups, our campaigns, and other organizations to make a testimony across our land.

Contest Details:

The winning design will tackle a critical issue in the Canadian public square through a compelling, impactful, creative, and persuasive message that meets the criteria of one of two categories listed:

  • Category 1: Abortion (prize is an 8″ Samsung tablet)
  • Category 2: All other political issues (prize is a 10″ Samsung tablet)

Runners-up in each category will receive a one-year gift subscription to Reformed Perspective magazine.

Submissions must be sent to [email protected] by November 21, 2015.


  • Aspect ratio should be 2:1
  • Designs must give a message that is consistent with ARPA’s mission and Christian foundation.
  • Designs must be non-partisan (not promoting or opposing a political party or candidate).
  • Submission to the contest must include consent for no-cost use by ARPA Canada, local ARPA groups and If others wish to use it they will need to request permission from the designer.
  • Finalists will work with Compass Creative to refine and improve their design. 
  • Seven finalists will be featured on ARPA’s websites, newsletters, and other resources as well as Reformed Perspective magazine.
  • The contest is open to anyone who abides by the guidelines.


Compass Creative

An award-winning brand design and marketing firm in southern Ontario that specializes in authentic marketing for professional trades like landscapers and builders, renovators and home improvement people.

Reformed Perspective

A monthly magazine providing Christian families with Bible-saturated worldview teaching on all areas of life (from parenting to mathematics and sexuality to sports).



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