Continued Action on Bill C-279



January 14, 2013

Today, ARPA Canada mailed each Member of Parliament the letter below. Please follow up with your MP and encourage them to vote on this bill, and to base their decision on scientific evidence, not political correctness. Check out this YouTube video explaining our concerns with the bill (also linked in the letter below), as well as the eye-opening testimony of leading psychiatrist Dr. Berger and bring the testimony and the video to your MP’s attention. To help you encourage your MP, we’ve also provided a petition for you to print and fill out.



Dear Honourable Member of Parliament, 

Thank you very much for your continued service to Canada. I hope that you can spare a few minutes to hear my perspective and the thousands of Canadians I represent on Bill C-279. While it was introduced with good intentions, there are inherent flaws in the bill itself as well as in the assumptions that continue to propel it forward. These assumptions and flaws actually do a disservice to transsexual individuals and pose a threat to peace and order in Canada.

First of all, I ask you to consider the medical evidence of Dr. Berger. I’ve attached a transcript of his testimony delivered to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. His medical evidence demonstrates that there is a lot more to the issue of transsexualism than many commentators will allow. Secondly, I ask you to please consider this YouTube video. It’s not that long, and it lays out a simple counter-argument to Bill C-279 and challenges many of the assumptions of its proponents. It might also give you more food for thought on this issue, perhaps a perspective that you have not considered yet.

Sound public policy must be based on good evidence, on objective criteria, on scientific facts. Bill C-279 does not do this. It remains popular with a majority of MPs, despite the danger it creates for society and children, the way it fundamentally alters public policy and the total disregard it has for compassionate medical and psychiatric treatment of those who struggle with gender identity. As a policy maker, I urge you to please base your vote on science and reason. Please vote against Bill C-279.

If you have any questions or comments about this issue that you would like to share with me, I would gladly meet with you or take a call or email from you.

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