Council Elections Meeting



September 7, 2018

Council Elections Meeting

Our local ARPA group hosted an informal evening at my home to encourage people to consider running in the upcoming municipal elections this fall. We wanted to encourage people who have considered such a position to come out and discuss it, and also provide support and encouragement. We had a local christian Councillor who had served in the recent past also come out and he gave us a picture of what such a position entails, answered questions and offered valuable insight. I think this meeting was valuable as it helped us get a better picture of this role, also helped with getting people to think about serving their community in such a manner (not necessarily this year, but possibly in future years), and also helped us realize the importance of supporting those who do serve in this way. A few of the things we learned was that it is important to remain humble and learn from those around you, it takes a fair amount of time as you will also serve on hospital boards etc, and you will have to disclose all your personal finances if you run.

Although such a position involves a lot of day-to-day managing, it is a good way for those who are gifted and interested in local politics to witness to those around them and can be a rewarding way to serve.

Ruth, Bulkley Valley

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