Cross and Hay Bale Memorial Erected in Edmonton



December 2, 2010

On a frigid November Saturday, Edmonton-area youth set up a massive memorial along Highway 39 as a testimony to the 100,000 abortions that continue every year in Canada. Edmonton ARPA organized the effort and the Providence Canadian Reformed Church Youth group along with students from Parkland Immanuel Christian School set it up.

“Traffic on the highway can’t help but slow down to read the signs explaining what each cross represents” explained the ARPA group in a newsletter. “We pray that God will use this display to open the hearts of all – and by His power ignite change within.”

The display was first built by the Southern Alberta ARPA group (click here for coverage and see below for a video). It then moved up to Barrhead where youth from the area set it up and gave a powerful testimony about abortion to their local paper. Congratulations to these ARPA groups for being pro-life in word & deed. If others are interested in making use of this display, be sure to email [email protected].


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