Defending Crisis Pregnancy Centres



May 23, 2017
Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney has taken on a new project. She’s written a series of blog posts debunking some misinformation that’s being promoted by Joyce Arthur from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, specifically about Crisis Pregnancy Centres around the country.

Maloney says Arthur’s positions are simply not based in fact. She says one of Arthur’s biggest complaints about the centres is that they “mislead women and give them misinformation”, she says the centres claim to be medical centres when they’re not and that they’re really “Christian ministries”.

Maloney says she’s gone through all the complaints and tried to give another perspective. “For instance, one of (Arthur’s) complaints is that (the centres) are ‘Christian ministries’.” However Maloney says, while some are Christian ministries, some are specifically not.

“And,” Maloney asks, “what’s wrong with being a Christian ministry? To me that’s a good thing. They don’t do terrible things to you. Does Joyce Arthur have a problem with Christians?” You can find her blog series at this link.

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