Defying Common Sense: The Criminal Code and the Being-Born, Newly-Born and Unborn Child



May 31, 2010

By André Schutten (From EFC’s Activate CFPL): In conversation with a friend, the topic of the legality of abortion came up. Although my friend has been a licensed practicing nurse for a few years, he was shocked to find out that in Canada an abortion can be legally procured throughout all three trimesters, up until the moment of birth. It took a few minutes to convince him that I was deadly serious (pardon the pun). I think my friend’s ignorance of the reality that is Canada’s refusal to protect its unborn citizens is indicative of the vast majority of Canadians’ understanding on this point. Perhaps, that “misunderstanding of Canadians” has something to do with our elected leaders’ refusal to “re-open the abortion debate.” [Keep reading this article here.]

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