Don’t lives trump feelings?



August 30, 2011

Lethbridge Herald, Aug 30 2011: It is sad that some children saw the abortion images Aug. 17 at the Farmers Market in downtown Lethbridge. It is much worse, however, that hundreds of Canadian children undergo the injustice we showed. Abortion is legal during all nine months of pregnancy and violently decapitates, dismembers and disembowels a human child.

As explained in the Aug. 18 article (“Abortion protest draws criticism”), our project does not directly target children but those who are old enough to have abortions. Yet, it is impossible to reach teenagers and adults where no children will ever be present. Thus, when it comes to choosing between born children’s feelings and preborn children’s lives, don’t lives trump feelings?

Adults sometimes use children as an excuse for why the pictures shouldn’t be shown, but often they don’t want to see them. One mother’s response was different. Rather than being upset about having to explain abortion to her children, she said, “It concerns me a whole lot more that they live in a society that okays (this).”

Children have functioning consciences. Do we? If we care so much about children, shouldn’t we care about the 100,000 Canadian children who die through abortion every year?

When abortion is hidden, abortion is tolerated. We refuse to be part of the cover-up that enables the brutal killing of children and leaves men and women with a lifetime of regret.

Our final question is this: if the images of what is chosen are too horrific to look at, why do we allow and contribute to such a “choice” in the first place?

Maaike Rosendal

On behalf of the Abortion Awareness Project


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