Editorial: Court can undo harm to free speech



August 3, 2009

Calgary Herald, July 28, 2009: When Rev. Stephen Boissoin takes his case before the Court of Queen’s Bench on Sept. 16, the court has a golden opportunity not only to right the wrong done to Boissoin, but also to strike down the law that gives the Alberta Human Rights Commission jurisdiction over matters of free speech. Boissoin published a letter in the Red Deer Advocate in 2002 in which he criticized the representation to impressionable schoolchildren of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle choice. Boissoin used strong language and said this would lead to desensitizing kids and recruiting them into the gay lifestyle. One can agree or disagree with Boissoin’s opinions, but what he said is irrelevant to the larger issue, which is his inalienable right to say it. [Continue reading this opinion piece here.]

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