Ethical Stem Cell Research gets a Nobel Nod



October 15, 2012

This story is huge news for the world of stem cell research. Most headlines in the main stream have been devoted to research that destroys embryos, research that takes a 7 – 14 day old human, cuts it open, rips out its main cells (stem cells that later develop into a heart, lungs, etc.) and do experiments with them. Those who object to embryonic stem cell research on moral grounds have been labeled “anti-science.” Yet all this time, science has been on our side! Actual useful therapies have been developed using ethical stem cell research – where stem cells are taken from adults, without any harm to their health or life. The Nobel Prize committee has awarded the prize in medicine to two scientists who developed a process for turning adult stem cells into pluripotent cells that can then be turned into therapies for all kinds of diseases.

You can read more about this research here.

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