Euthanasia Talking Points



January 14, 2016

Some argue that the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide is inevitable in Canada.

However, we are not willing to give up the fight to uphold the inviolability of human life and to protect the vulnerable. The Supreme Court, Parliament, and secular society at large, are overriding the work of Christians through the centuries to bring public awareness to the value of human life, as established in God our Creator and sustainer. The court is removing rights established by Christian thought, and forcing the regression of morality back in time to when the lives of the weak and vulnerable were not valued at all. We know that God is in control, regardless of what man may do, and as such we are called to do what we can for the sake of justice.

A number of surveys indicate that when those in favour of assisted suicide and euthanasia are shown the evidence against it, a large percentage will change their view. We must speak up! 

Our three talking points:

  1. Euthanasia and assisted suicide is morally wrong
  2. The social implications of legalization are dire
  3. Palliative care needs to be discussed first

Download the PDF (below) for the detailed points on each talking point, as well as valuable background, resources and citations.

Read our Respectfully Submitted position paper on euthanasia and assisted suicide (link below).

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All letters to MPs can be found by visiting and selecting the map of Canada for federal letters. Please consider sending one of the following letters to your MP:

  1. Euthanasia – Read ARPA’s Policy Report
  2. Euthanasia – Pass a Law Soon!
  3. Euthanasia – Promote Palliative Care instead
  4. Euthanasia – still possible to prohibit!
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