Expelled: Well Worth Watching



June 27, 2008

Last night, I had the privilege of watching a special screening of the new documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. And I was sure impressed.

The movie did an excellent job of showing how Darwinism continues to have a choke-hold on North American academia. But even more impressive was its willingness to address some of the moral implications of Darwinism – especially the devaluing of human life. It was courageously honest in its assertion that Darwinism was an influential factor for some of the most shameful things of the twentieth century, including eugenics, some of the attrocities of the WWII, and even abortion and euthanasia.

The strongest part of the movie was the interview with atheist Richard Dawkins. For all of his brazen attacks against God, Creation and Intelligent Design, it was Dawkins who came out to be the unintelligent one. No surprise that he is irate over this film. In fact, it seems many people are irate over this film. This was evidenced in the live Q&A, that followed the screening, with the producer of the movie (who happens to live close to Vancouver), as well as the reaction from the media.

The documentary has its shortcomings. It doesn’t go into any depth analyzing the weaknesses of evolution. In fact, it leaves the door wide open to theistic evolution. Don’t watch the move expecting to see a scientific defence of Intelligent Design or Creation (there are many other resources for that). This documentary is about getting the debate reinvigorated (or simply started in the Canadian context). I think it will accomplish that.


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