Ezekiel’s Vision of God’s Throne and Current Events



January 20, 2008


Each one went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went.” Ezekiel 1:12

The first vision which the LORD shows Ezekiel is the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD on His throne in brilliant light. The LORD is served by four living creatures and four wheels, who all move at the same time in the same direction. They move back and forth, up and down, and sometimes they stand still. But in whatever direction they move, they always move straight, without taking a detour. And the spirit guides them in whatever direction they go.

Rev. H. Veldkamp explains what this vision means in “De Balling van de Kabaroe” (translated: “The Exile of the Kebar River“). The four living creatures, each of which has four faces, represent all living creatures of the earth. They represent birds (the eagle face), wild animals (the lion face), tamed animals (the ox face), and humans (the human face which leads the way). The wheels represent all inanimate things. And they all move as directed by the spirit of God. They don’t move in whatever way they please but according to God’s ways. And God’s ways aren’t crooked ways. He moves all creatures and things towards the purpose that he has determined. He has a goal in mind and he works towards that goal so that all events that happen, happen because he wants it like that. As LD 10 Q&A 28 confesses: “…for all creatures are so completely in His hand that without His will they cannot so much as move.” And they all serve His purpose and further His glory. He is exalted above them, in unapproachable light. Ezekiel was allowed to see this as a priest’s son in exile. He was allowed to know that even an event as upsetting as an exile is completely under the control of God. He uses all events to His glory and honour.

This is a beautiful confession. In the year 2007 it seemed that the forces of evil became stronger. Biblical truths are no longer tolerated by people who want to live their lives in disobedience to God’s will. I will say a little bit more about that later. But, through His spirit, God has all political events under control. He uses all these events for a direct purpose and He hurries along to accomplish His goals.

The Purpose

What may His goals be? What could be the purpose of Christians in Canada being ordered to appear before kangaroo courts (the provincial and federal Human Rights Commissions) so that they are ordered to remain quiet about their opinion in regards to homosexual perversion and the Islamic faith?

We can’t know God’s purpose in everything. It would be arrogant to think so. But, we do know that God at times hardens the heart of unbelievers so that they are being prepared for God’s just judgments. One of God’s judgments is that He takes His Word away. Now we see unbelievers doing whatever they can to not hear God’s warnings. What they are doing is their own punishment.

We also know that God tests believers to see if they will remain faithful despite opposition. Hardship produces perseverance. God wants us to continue to urge and direct people to praise and glorify Him, even if that involves us being ridiculed.


Last year we told you about Ron Gray, leader of the Christian Heritage Party, who was summoned to appear before the Human Rights Commission (HRC). His case hasn’t been decided yet. But, regardless of the outcome, the person who is accused is the loser because they have to pay for their own costs; the complainant’s expenses are picked up by the tax payer.

Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine are the last ones to be summoned, because Maclean’s quoted Mark Steyn who quoted a Scandinavian imam who said that the number of Moslems is expanding like ‘mosquitoes’ in Europe. This apparently hurt the feelings of one of the complainants, Dr. Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress (an organization that pretends to represent the average Canadian Muslim; he is on record as saying that any Israeli over 18 is a legitimate target for suicide bombers; someone not overly concerned about others’ feelings you may say).

Even if Mark Steyn is acquitted, the case will dampen the eagerness with which publishers allow commentaries on certain sensitive areas (sensitive not referring to sexually perverse material but to ‘politically incorrect’ ideas). No one can say it quite like Mark Steyn so I’ll let him speak:

“… a French novelist was dragged into court to answer for the “Islamophobia” of one of his fictional characters; British editors insist books are vacuumed of anything likely to attract the eye of wealthy Saudis adept at using the English legal system to silence their critics.

Nonetheless, even in this craven environment, Canada’s “human rights commissions” are uniquely inimical to the marketplace of ideas. In its 30 years of existence, no complaint brought to the federal HRC under Section XIII has been settled in favour of the defendant. A court where the rulings only go one way is the very definition of a show trial. These institutions should be a source of shame to Canadians.

So I’m not interested in the verdict–except insofar as an acquittal would be more likely to legitimize the human rights commissions’ attempt to regulate political speech, and thus contribute to the shrivelling of liberty in Canada. I’m interested only in getting the HRCs out of this business entirely.

More people are calling for an end to the HRCs, including Bishop Henry. Two complaints filed against him were dropped in 2005. He also agrees:

“presumption of guilt until you can prove your innocence; the open-ended time lines for dealing with a complaint; and unjust incurring of financial expenditures for the defendant in the simple event of a complaint being lodged.” In the HRC procedure, the complainant’s expenses are absorbed by the tax payers but the defendant must pay his own costs.”

Other victims of Canadian Human Rights Commissions include Chris Kempling and Stephen Boisson (who wrote pro-family letters), Scott Brockie (refused to print homosexual propaganda), and Ezra Levant (published Danish cartoons).

Selling Out

I’ve heard people say, “O well, Mark Steyn and Bishop Henry probably didn’t say things in a very wise manner. If they had chosen their words more carefully or not been so blunt they wouldn’t be in hot water.” In my opinion, such a remark is a complete selling out of our freedom of speech. Pigs will continue to be offended at the pearls thrown to them and trample people underfoot if they don’t like the message. People who speak up for what is right need our support and I think it is a cowardly act to wash your hands clear of people who you agree with but who end up getting in trouble.

Perhaps you’d say that this speaker and author shouldn’t have thrown the pearls before the pigs in the first place (Matt. 7:6)? This saying of Jesus, however, can only apply if it becomes obvious that your audience is treating the truth like dirt. Then you move on, just like the apostle Paul did; he often left a synagogue when the Jews made it clear that they didn’t want his message. However, authors write to a much larger audience. Based on the nature of the medium, you cannot pick your audience. You can’t put on the cover of your book “Please don’t read if you’re a pig.”

So let’s support those who are on the frontlines of this culture war that we are supposed to be fighting in, knowing that it is a war that we’ll win; after all, as Ezekiel’s vision makes clear, God has all living creatures and all inanimate things in complete control.

How can we offer support? Through our prayers we need to ask God to turn things around here in Canada and ask for His favour, so that we may continue to freely fulfil our task as stars that shine. But also pray to God that “His will be done”. Please talk to your politicians, your MPs and MPPs. They need to know that the Human Rights Commissions are out of control and need to be stopped. Our freedom to expression of opinion is being taken away. We need to speak up while we still can. In the coming months a properly coordinated petition may be organized; you’ll hear more about that if and when it happens. HvB

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