Ezra Levant: The Jewish Exemption: Section 13 CHRC complaint against me dismissed



November 21, 2008

By Ezra Levant

Today I received news that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has acquitted me of a section 13 “hate speech” complaint. You can see their one-page letter to my lawyer here. I note that the letter says the commissioners — led by Joe Clark’s former chief of staff, the radical feminist Jennifer Lynch — reviewed “any submission(s) filed”. We know that’s not true, because my submission had portions blacked out by a CHRC staffer before it was shown to the commissars.

But the fact is the fact: I’ve been acquitted. This was a perfect scientific experiment. You see, I had republished, word for word, the very same “hate speech” that Rev. Stephen Boissoin had published six years ago in Alberta. Rev. Boissoin was found by both the Alberta HRC and the CHRC to be guilty of hate speech. [Keep reading this article here.]

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