For the sake of clarity: Funding the CHRC has Increased Under the Conservative Government



September 27, 2012

Somehow a rumour has circulated that the federal government has cut funding to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The Director of Communications is happy to set the record straight


At no time has this government “slashed” funding for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Quite the contrary, in 2008 the CHRC received an additional $5.7 million over five years to cover activities in support of the inclusion of First Nations under the Canadian Human Rights Act. The cited 2010 closure of some regional offices was a managerial decision aimed at streamlining and strengthening programs while maintaining service levels. It had nothing to do with cuts, because there were no cuts.

This information was made public at the time, and is still available on our website. While we have never said otherwise, we are grateful for the opportunity to state the facts again.

David Gollob, Director, Communications Branch, Canadian Human Rights Commission

Taxpayers unite! Remind your elected representatives of the abuse of freedom that our tax dollars are supporting.

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